Sunday, December 20, 2009


I'm Erin...most people know me as Bird. Why, WHYYYY you ask? We're not discussing it right now...we'll get into that at some point I'm sure...

I haven't exactly decided WHAT I'm going to blog about...or WHO I want to read it...all I that I have a voice...a voice in which I (as well as most of my friends) find hilarious.
I wonder which direction this blog is going to go...celebrity gossip? Music? Hula hooping? Booze? (at this point I'm just naming things I LOVE).....the possibilities are endless!

Let's do this shit...*


Larry said...

i took that away girl....we can re edit ur hoopvideo so u can post that as well
<3 much luv

Bird said...

follow me larry.


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