Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hoop for yo FACE

This is the video that made me pick up a hula hoop...THIS GIRL...(Christabel Zamor) is the reason I started hoop dancing. I'm slightly obsessed with her...(one might even call it a hoop crush...) just thought I'd share.

Tiga Tiga Woods Ya'll

Alright...I know I'm a little bit late to be jumping on the whole "Tiger Woods Scandal" bandwagon, but the whole thing has got me thinking...

Are we, as human beings, born to cheat? it in our nature to be monogomous? We are the one of the few species that are it just a social norm? I's becoming more and more acceptable to have an "open relationship"...but it's still generally frowned upon. I don't know how I feel about the whole thing...I believe that it takes a very special kind of person to be in an open relationship...I don't think just anyone is cut out for it, but that can go both ways....I don't think everyone is capable of being in a monogomous relationship either. Even if we're in a commited, monogomous relationship, I think that it is in our HUMAN nature to lust and want the opposite (or sometimes same) sex... it's whether you give in to the lusting and the wanting that makes you a "cheater" or not.

I think we are born to cheat and I don't think it's in our nature to be I think that everyone should be in an open relationship? NO. Could I be in an open relationship? I don't know...I've never tried? There would have to be lots of rules...and lots of emotions would have to be supressed. I don't consider myself a jealous person, but I could see jealousy rearing it's ugly head juuuuuust a little bit in an open relationship situation.

Now kids...don't get me wrong...cheating=not ok. Tiger--you're still a DOG for cheating...BUT...allllll I'm that I think it's in our nature. What do youuuu think?

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I'm Erin...most people know me as Bird. Why, WHYYYY you ask? We're not discussing it right now...we'll get into that at some point I'm sure...

I haven't exactly decided WHAT I'm going to blog about...or WHO I want to read it...all I that I have a voice...a voice in which I (as well as most of my friends) find hilarious.
I wonder which direction this blog is going to go...celebrity gossip? Music? Hula hooping? Booze? (at this point I'm just naming things I LOVE).....the possibilities are endless!

Let's do this shit...*


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